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Precision Planting is a leader in agriculture technology. They develop innovative products and solve important agronomic issues facing growers. And they provide the insights and assistance so each farmer can reach their best yield. TruAcre is pleased to be one of their Premier Dealers.


In side-by-side, alternate-pass tests with well-equipped standard planters, the Precision Planting system paid for itself through increased yields in just one season.


TruAcre is a Premier Dealer  (Highest Level of Training Available)

BEST TRAINING As a Premier Dealer, TruAcre has received the highest level of training available to install, synchronize, service and troubleshoot all Precision Planting equipment, on all brands of farming equipment.

BEST SERVICE With any technology, relying on a team of experts that you can trust to be there when you need them is vitally important. Jeremy Marston leads the field. Jeremy worked for John Deere as an engineer and later spent several years on the implement dealership side developing the technology in the equipment.

ALL BRANDS Jeremy and his team will install your equipment, no matter the brand, synchronize your data and help you to make decisions that will allow you to maximize the success of your overall operation.

ON-GOING SUPPORT Also available are on-going support plans insuring you the quality service and expertise throughout the season, beginning with pre-planting, harvest and finally reporting. Then, you can relax.


Kent Kinkler:
A Skeptic Turned Believer

Jason Lee:
Make an Awesome Machine

Roger Stoller:
Real-time, Yield Data Drives Results

Jeremy Silsby:
Plant Smart, You’ll Be a Believer